Buran Ghati Trek In Himachal Pradesh: Best Time and Distance
Oct 26, 2023 By Sean William

Trek is an adventurous tour, especially if you are heading towards Himachal Pradesh for a thrilling experience. Buran Ghati trek is among these types of trek for which Himachal Pradesh is known as an adventurous place to visit. It is a trek at an altitude of 15000 feet, making it a perfect adventure with stunning views.

But before planning such a thrilling tour, you should know about the route, areas to cover, and price. It is also necessary to know which time is best to trek in Buran Ghati. We have covered all this information in this article for you.

Buran Ghati Trek Best Time

Before planning your trek, you should check the Buran Ghati weather forecast. The weather plays a vital role in making the trip adventurous and thrilling. So, knowing the favorable time is better than trekking in the worst weather.

The best time to visit this place is in September and October because the weather is at its best during these months. Moreover, May is also a month with good weather conditions in Buran Ghati suitable for trekking. But summer and winter are not suitable for trekking because of the weather conditions.

In summer, the weather is hot during the day, and Buran Ghati temperature at high altitudes drops below zero at night. In winter, you may experience snow that can block the trail. So, it's recommended to trek in the suitable months.

The main thing is to research the route before planning to know which month can provide the best weather. During October, the Buran Ghati Trek route weather is warm and dry, with less chance of having rainfall.

Moreover, if you plan to trek, you should go for a group trek instead of a solo trip. This trek will last 7 days, and you may have to stay at night. So, deciding the time and weather before planning your trek is recommended.

Buran Ghati Trek Map

The trek map starts from the beautiful place with flower beds named Janglik. Flower beds, small houses, and fields make the environment colorful and breathtaking. The high mountains in the background of this colorful environment add charm to the view.

After traveling a little bit, you'll cross the small villages and then reach a forest of Oak, pine trees, and streams. Keep walking until you reach an area with greenery and yellow flower beds. This place is Dayara, having a pleasant environment with snow-capped mountains in the background.

After crossing this greenery, you'll reach a dense forest and charming meadows. Buran Ghati trek will next take you to the Dhauladhar mountains. Here, you'll see a blend of greenery and white snow. On moving forward, we came across a dense forest named Bhoj.

After crossing the incredible beauty of nature in the dense forest, you'll see the Chandranathan stream. However, you'll reach the campsite Litham after crossing the lake, which is a beautiful place to cater as a campsite. The waterfalls of this lake have the best scenic views, making it a perfect campsite for the trek.

Then, after climbing 13000 ft, you'll reach a point from where you can see various views. These include the Gunas Pass and Dhauladhar range, making the view incredible. Here, you'll have a first view of the Buran Ghati Pass. After climbing to such a height, you can take a rest here for a few moments.

After the two-hour trek from here, you'll reach Dhunda campsite, after which the Buran Ghati pass comes on climbing for a few hours. This trek map is thrilling and adventurous, making the trek memorable. The overall Buran Ghati trek distance is 30 km, which you must cover.

Buran Ghati Trek Price

If you are going on a trek with a better trekking team, you'll be safe throughout your trekking. To know whether the team is trusted, you first research the secure trek facility providers at your planned budget. It is a long trek of 7 days with beautiful views that can cost you almost INR 12000 - INR 14000.

It is an adventurous journey that will give you unforgettable experiences at a moderate rate. You'll get 24/7 customer support, transportation, meals, accommodation, safety, guidance, etc.

How To Reach?

As the Buran Ghati trek starts at Janglik, which is 152 km away from Shimla, You need to reach that point. You can travel to the trekking point by choosing your preferred transportation. You can also reach Shimla first, from where you can take a cab with other trekking group members. Thus, to reach Shimla for a trekking trip, you can use three different means of transportation: Air, Train, and Road.


If you want to have a comfortable and quick trip, you can choose the air mode of transportation. There is an airport near Shimla that has connections to all the cities of India. It is the Jubbarhatti airport, which is 22 km from Shimla.

Hence, you can easily take your way to Shimla by booking a flight. However, there are other airports via which you can easily travel to Shimla, Chandigarh, and Delhi airports.


If you don't like to travel via flights and want to enjoy yourself on your way to Shimla, you can choose the train as a source of transportation. For this, choose the nearest railway station to Shimla, like Kalka. Various trains arrived at this railway station, like trains from Delhi, Kolkata, etc.


Besides the flights and train, you can also travel via road to Shimla. For this, you can choose the bus connected to the other cities of North India. These include the Himachal Road Transportation Corporation and other private buses. However, the distance from one of the major cities, Delhi, to Shimla is 340 km, which can be covered by bus.


To sum up, for the Buran Ghati trek, you need to know about the best time to trek, the weather of the trekking area, and the trek map. These will help you to have a more adventurous trip.