Exploring Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi
Oct 27, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Situated in the Pune district, Mulshi village is famous for its unmatched natural beauty, including turquoise waters, green grounds, and a fresh ambiance to breathe in. However, the fantastic Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi, adds a star to the place.

The place has all the luxuries with beautiful spectacles, establishing itself as a potential option for a quick weekend getaway. Keep reading, and the forthcoming content will shed light upon all the features and luxuries that make this resort one of the must-visit places in India. So, without further discussion, let us start with the content.

All you need to know about Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi

Location and history

Located in the Mulshi region of India in Maharashtra state, the fantastic resort is situated under the cradle of nature. It is a luxurious resort that offers a quick escape from busy life. The beauty of Mother Nature surrounds the area and provides a breathtakingly gorgeous view of the Sahyadri Mountains.

So whether you are searching for a relaxing experience or something exciting, the Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi, is a one-stop destination for all your needs. If you are coming to a resort from any foreign country or urban city, you must first reach the Mulshi taluka. Here, you can hire any taxi or use a private car to ride to the Malhar Machi resort. It will take around 15 minutes from Mulshi city to reach the destination. If you plan to go by car, remember to use GPS as the similar-looking routes may confuse you otherwise. Here are all the activities you can do

Enjoy the nature safari.

The unique resort is built amidst nature and does not disturb or harm the flora or fauna in any way. Instead, the guests are allowed to experience responsible tourism. So, let yourself dissolve in the pristine landscapes of forests as our experience and exceptionally dedicated guides help you explore the route.

Do not worry about safety because wildlife around the area contains no life-threatening animals. You can visit the place through the cars provided by the resort. These are fully open cars driven by our professional drivers. You can also opt for group walks that are conducted by the staff. Ask about the reception desk's timings, as they fluctuate depending upon the month and season you choose to visit.

Experience the zipline

But wait, you are one of the thrill enthusiasts who wants to do everything differently? Well, the resort has Asia's second-longest zipline waiting for you. Located in the middle of natural beauty, this zipline is safe and gives you a beautiful aerial view of the forest.

So gear up and glide high about the lush green ground filled with healthy plantations and colorful flowers. Look down to witness how magical the world looks beneath your feet.

However, consult your doctor if you have any height or speed phobia, as it can trigger your mental health conditions. Also, pregnant women and patients are not allowed to take the ride.

Enjoy the delicious food.

A trip is completed if you treat your stomach and taste buds with a similar amount of fun as your other body parts are getting. To help you with the purpose. Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi has the excellent Parijatak restaurant. The place serves authentic Indian food and some continental and other Asian cuisine.

The exciting thing about the restaurant is that they do not use any ready-made spices or ready-to-eat dishes. Instead, each herb is brought from the raw farm and then crushed and ground by the chefs to preserve and transfer that natural and unprocessed taste to the food.

In addition, the calm ambiance with a soulful environment will help you relax after a fun and hectic day.

Witness devarai

The word Deverai is an abbreviation of two words: Dev and Rai, meaning God and Forest, respectively. As the name suggests, a nearby village is known as one of the most sacred grounds in India. The supreme deity is said to provide the locals with blessings and life essentials through this place.

There is a temple of Waghjai Devi located in the center of Devrai village with a statue. However, only the head, neck, and shoulders reside on a rock instead of the whole figure. People and devotees from everywhere visit this temple to pay gratitude and devotion to their lord.

Refresh yourself with yoga.

Are you someone who doesn't like to miss exercise, even on vacation? Or perhaps an individual who has navigated to the place to attain inner peace.

The Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi, offers a yoga session every morning at sunrise in a peaceful and calming environment. All the necessities, such as yoga mats and water bottles, are available to make your experience divine.

Experience Horse Riding

Ride a horse to explore the pristine spectacles of the mountains, resorts, and gardens. In addition, polish your riding skills while you make your horse run on the treks specially made by the resort for this purpose.

The Petting farm

Farm for all foreigners heading to India for the first time and for all the urbaners who have never experienced the rural lifestyle, Malhar Machi Resort offers the activity of Petting Farm.

It takes the visitors to nearby villages, allowing them to experience life they have never seen before. So, shake hands with the locals, help them do their everyday tasks, and make new bonds with nature.

The resort also continues to plan welfare activities for the betterment of societies and people living nearby. You can always participate to contribute to a noble social cause.


On the bottom line, Malhar Machi Resort, Mulshi, is one of the great places to visit on Mother Nature's lap. You can do a vast number of activities at Malhar resort including horse riding, ziplining, exploring the forest and village, seeing the Deveri temple, relaxing with yoga sessions, and the list goes on. Details about each are mentioned above in the content. So make sure to read from start to finish.