Best Resorts in Dubai For a Luxury Trip 2023
Sep 22, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates mostly known for its luxury resorts. But which resorts are best to stay during the trip to Dubai? There are some resorts in Dubai that can give you excellent service to enjoy your trip.

In these resorts, you can do different activities like swimming, skydiving, etc, as a part of the fun. Here, we have discussed the luxury, 5-star, and best desert resorts for you. Read the full article about these resorts and choose a suitable one for you.

Best Resorts In Dubai

Dubai is a big modern city known for its lavish architecture and tourist attractions. The luxury resorts with private beaches or all Inclusive resorts in Dubai give you a dreamy life during your trip. So, here are some resorts that you can explore.

Luxury Resorts In Dubai

Whether you are a family or a group of friends, Luxury resorts will serve you well and let you have the best experience you ever have. Following are the best luxury resorts you should know.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Palm, Dubai

It is a luxurious resort in Dubai that provides accommodation, free parking, swimming facilities, etc. It is among the resorts in Dubai with a private beach. Visitors are rewarded with 5-star accommodation to have the best experience.

Taj Exotica Resort also provides bar and tennis facilities along with 24-hour desk service or room service.The rooms they provide have a luxurious balcony to enjoy your drink during the sunset and have a sofa bed to sit on. However, if you are staying with your family, you'll be provided with a children's club, which you can also use as a business center.

Atlantis The Royal

In Dubai, it is located on the palm island next to Atlantis. This resort offers the largest water park in the Middle East, Aquaventure. It also provides free parking, wifi, 24-hour desk service, nightclubs, bars, swimming pools, and a kitchen with a minibar.

For food, they provide continental options with a buffet breakfast. However, the nearest airport is Dubai International.

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, Dubai

You'll experience world-class service at this luxury resort in Dubai. It has direct access to the beach for visitors to enjoy moments with family and friends. You'll be provided with a fitness center, 5 outdoor swimming pools, and a spa for the beauty and wellness of the visitors.

It is among the 5-star resorts in Dubai that you can choose for your next trip to Dubai. You'll have a coffee machine in your room. However, you'll be served with world-class cuisine to fill your hunger. The nearest airport to this resort is the Dubai International Airport, which is 12 km away from this resort.

Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah

It is located a few steps away from Palm West Beach and is among the best resorts in Dubai. It provides free accommodation, an outdoor swimming pool facility, a fitness center, and many more. The accommodation includes the 24-hour desk service and the room service.

You'll be served with different cuisines and the buffet breakfast option. However, the nearest airport is Dubai International, which is 31 km away from the Radisson Beach resort.

Conrad Dubai

It is located at the center of Dubai's financial and shopping district. It provides a modern decor to the visitors. The services include an outdoor pool and a gym. For the food, they provide a wide range of cuisine to the visitors.

You need a 20-minute drive from this resort to the Dubai International Airport. Moreover, free parking is provided to each visitor.

Best Dessert Resorts In Dubai

If you are planning to book the best dessert resort in Dubai, you should read about these 3 best resorts. These provide luxury desserts and are considered 5-star resorts in Dubai.

Bab Al Shams Resort

It is an award-winning 5-star luxurious resort in Dubai. It is designed in resemblance with the fortified Rular Arab village located at a 45-minute distance from the center of the city. Have the luxurious rare find desserts at the Bab Al Sham resort of Dubai.

Al Maha Resort

It is located 45 minutes away from the center of Dubai city. From the main gate to the dessert place, you'll have to travel 8 km to enter the main building. It provides you with free wifi and a beautiful view of the wildlife.

It provides you with luxurious Bedouin-style tents, private temperature-controlled swimming pools, large bedrooms, a soaking tub in the bathroom, and a coffee machine in the room. You'll have different luxurious dessert options to eat from here. Moreover, a gym, free parking, and a spa are provided to the visitors.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

This report provides the visitors with the castle decor stylish dessert options. The overall package includes the gym, spa, outdoor swimming pool, free wifi, coffee maker, room service, and a bar facility.

They provide a soaking bath massage and spa services for a peaceful environment. However, it is 2 hours away from Abu Dubai.


There are various resorts in Dubai, but a few are the best luxurious resorts that can give a thrilling experience. If you are still deciding which one to choose, you can see all the facilities they provide and choose the one that suits your budget and interest. You are welcome to share your experience at these resorts in the comment section below.


Does Dubai have resorts?

Yes, Dubai is a place of lavish architecture where you may have a luxurious tour. These resorts can serve you well for the best experience you'll ever have. These include the Taj Exotica Resort, Atlantis The Royal, Conrad Dubai, etc.

Which area of Dubai is best to stay in?

It depends on the purpose for which you want to book a resort. If you want a resort for your family, JBR is the best option—similarly, The Pal for couples, Deira for budget travelers, etc.

What is the resort fee in Dubai?

All visitors are charged when they enter the resort. However, they may charge you AED 7 to AED 20 per room depending on the facilities you'll be provided and the type of resort you choose.

What is the minimum price for a Dubai tour?

The budget for the Dubai tour depends on various factors, like how many days you want to stay, which transportation you are willing to use, the type of resort you choose, etc. On average, it may take 60,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR.