All You Need To Know About Renting a Car in France 2023
Oct 26, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

To explore the landscapes and the city, public transportation won't work well. You must rent a car for the best tour experience to enjoy with your family. Renting a car in France needs specific ways to have affordable transportation.

Before driving on the France road, you must know about the necessary information. So, we have discussed the ways, requirements, and the best car rental to help you out. Read the full article to know all about car rental in France.

Ways for Renting a Car in France

During your trip to France, you need comfortable transportation to visit the planned areas. As you don't have a car in France as a tourist, you must book it for the required days. For this booking, different ways are here that you must know as a tourist.

Cheapest Way To Rent A Car In France

The price of the car on rent depends on the vehicle, time, and company. It usually costs you between $15-40 for one day. However, you can do the following things to have the cheapest car rental.

  • Analyze the rates different companies are providing
  • You should book a rental car from an online company in advance
  • Decide the route you'll choose during your trip
  • Plan your trip in months when the rent is at its lowest
  • Plan the fuel requirements

Renting A Car In France As American

If you are planning a trip to France from America, you have the opportunity to rent a car with your US driving license. But, it is available only for those whose trip plan is shorter than 90 days.

The other compulsory thing is that the license should be accompanied by a notarized French translation. However, the American Automobile Association provides an international driving permit that allows the translation of your license.

Renting A Car In France Insurance

Before driving on the France roads, you must be insured internationally. You should also have proof of insurance identification and a license when driving the car. Normally, you are provided with third-party liability insurance from the rental car company included in the prices.

It allows the recovery of any damage caused by the third party to the rented car. However, you can have CDW or theft cover, but it is up to you to add it or not.

Best Car Rental In France

On a long trip to France that includes visiting different places, car rental is essential. But which company is best to rent a car? We have listed the best five car rental companies for your better experience.


It is the most reliable choice that is best for providing a flexible cancellation policy. By providing its services for almost 70 years, it made its name as the best rental car provider. You'll see a lot of options like electric vehicles, small cars, or prestige cars.

Europcar France can give you the rental car of your choice at an affordable price. Moreover, you can avail yourself of the Europcar privilege club offer that provides a 10% discount on each rental. Book your car at Europcar, which can cost you 236€-323€ for three days.


This car rental is best because it provides a variety of vehicles to the customers. You also have the facility to take your rental car to other countries throughout Europe. But you must pay an additional amount depending on your destination outside France.

The company provides a lot of cars like Audi Q5, Fiat 500, Peugeot 208, etc to choose from as per your interest. They also offer electric vehicles, including Teslas and luxurious cars.


This rental car company is the best pick because of its flexible cancellation policy, variety of vehicles, and loyalty programs. Most of the cars at Avis also include the tax and the registration fee. You can book cars of any size because of the huge variety of cars Avis provides.

However, the car rental price at Avis starts from $27/day in general. The cost may vary depending on the time, car size, and the facilitation you want. You can book the Avis car rental in France at their offices all over the country. Moreover, Avis also provides booking at the major airports of the country.


Hertz is famous for providing long-term car rentals with a loyalty program and a lot of other offers. There is a wide variety of vehicles like Hertz 28 Davs+. The car they provide on rent includes all sizes to choose from as per your interest.

They provide good customer service throughout France for tourists. However, the cost of the car rental may vary depending on the car size, car type, and the time. The popularity of the vehicle and the season of the year also decide the daily price of car rental in France. You can book your car online or by visiting their offices in France.


This company provides its services in almost 100 countries by ensuring the customer requirements. AutoEurope provides all types of vehicles for your trip. If you are having a solo vacation or business trip or planning to enjoy it with your family, you can have the most suitable car for you.

They provide a lot of facilities like you don't have to pay a booking fee or credit card fee. Moreover, you can cancel the booking 48 before the pickup. On average, the price starts from 4€/day, but it varies depending on various factors.

Driving Requirements In France

There are certain requirements that you must know about renting a car in France. To legally drive throughout the country, you need the following things;

  • The first thing that you need is a valid driving license
  • As a tourist, you must have your passport while driving as it will be proof of your legal tour
  • Before renting a car in France, you must check the agreement for the car insurance. While driving, you'll need insurance proof to show if stopped by traffic police.


For renting a car in France, you must know the best companies and driving requirements for your best tour experience. This guide will help you to drive safely and at an affordable price in France. So, read the article thoroughly to know all about car rental in France.