Top luxury spas in India: Relaxation at its best.
Sep 23, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

On your way to have a lovely relaxing weekend and vacation? Well, there is no better way to enhance the overall experience than going to a spa. India is a trendy country with a significant number of iconic destinations. Yet, there is a lot to discover. Keep reading; we will help you learn about top luxury spas in India to experience some breathtaking and fantastic relaxing massages and skin therapies.

So, without any further delays, Let's begin the talk.

Exploring top luxury spas in India

Ananda Uttarakhand

Anada is the foremost place in India to have a superb luxury spa. It holds multiple soothing spa sessions, therapies, and treatments, making you feel like a king or queen. Ananda means joy, as they promise to deliver the best service. The destination catches the eye as it is an incredible property with a soothing vibe. The place is very comfortable, which allows the customer to enjoy the benefits of having luxury treatments. Don't worry about quality; the business offers high-quality products and maintains hygiene. Help is taken from doctors and therapists for the treatments and therapies to provide a satisfactory and incredible service. Yoga teachers with years of expertise deliver a relaxing meditation at the venue. The resort is situated in the Himalayas because the Himalayas are the starting point of the art of Meditation, and yoga doubles the relaxing feel.

Information to know

  • Location: The Palace estate, Tehri-Garhwal, Narendra Nagar 249175, Himalaya, India
  • Facilities: The property holds a complimentary breakfast, gym with expert instructors, WiFi, pool, and free parking.
  • Room: Rooms include air-conditioners, a bed, LED Television, 24-hour room service, a beautiful balcony, a showering area, and bathrobes. Smoking is prohibited both in suits and rooms.
  • Staying charges: The staying fee at the resort is 1200 -1600 INR per person for a day.

Kaya Kalp-luxury Spa Agra

Mughals are known as the symbol of prosperity, wealth, royalty, and luxury in India and worldwide. A review of the Mughal period ruled India for hundreds of years. Inspired by the same lifestyle, The property will amaze you with its excellent architecture that takes one to ancient times. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place. Kaya Kalp is present at Agra and is a great source to detoxify stress and make the ones full of purity. The unusual, charming fountain, stunning outdoor shower, stunning garden, and various outlandish things of Mughal times will amaze you with its traditional style. The property carries Meditation and yoga sessions to wipe away all the tension and give pleasure to the mind and mental relaxation. In addition, Kaya Kalp has a fabulous luxury spa with various treatments and therapies to pass the golden time of life. Make sure to go through the majestic service of this place and have a calming moment of silence. Feel like a Mughal with its organic skin, hair, and body treatments.

Information to know

  • Location: Agra, Tajanj, India.
  • Treatment fee: the treatments at Kaya Kalp start from 5000 INR
  • Rooms: Room includes WiFi, flat screen TV, bathroom, bed, shower area and AC.

Aheli Spa at Roseate New Delhi, New Delhi.

Escape from head pain, back pain, and tiredness as we have found a solution that will disappear them all. A luxury spa in the heart of Delhi, India, won one of the best luxury spas in 2019. A well-maintained Hotel with friendly service gives pleasure to the guests and makes them fall for its calm environment. In addition, enjoy hair spa, skin treatments, excellent body massage, cleansing sessions, Meditation, and Yoga facilities at Aheli Spa Roseate. The guests are provided a steam-filled room for a deep cleansing and soothing experience. Meditation and Yoga classes are held to empty your mind of stressful thoughts. Cleansing and scrub treatments help to achieve smooth skin free of pollution. The Spa uses several equipment and organic types of produce to give a worthy experience to its guests. The place is surrounded by an incredible green garden of various flowers, offering its customers a magical and comforting vibe. It cares about hygiene and supports green life. Give this spot a try, and you will never regret your decision.

Information to know

  • Rooms: Bed, LED TV, Bathtub, shower area, Air conditioner, and WiFi.
  • Location: New Delhi, Samalkha, National Highway 8, India.
  • Treatment Fee: starts 2000 INR.

Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Pune

Want to escape from stressful thoughts and tiredness? Sheraton Grand Pune Bund is the right place for you. It is a luxury property with a luxury way of providing pleasure. The unique trick of using a pressure point while massaging helps to give instant access to relaxation that will amaze you. Make sure to try out Meditation in the luxury room available there. The Spa uses unique methods of messages using bamboo. Make sure to make the visit worthwhile by utilizing every service and treatment, From therapies to messages available on the spot. The Spa is waiting to provide its best service. So put this on your list and have an excellent time at Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Spa.

Information to know

  • Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India.
  • Rooms include Bed, LED TV, bathroom, showering area and AC.
  • Fee: classic rooms, treatments plus food cost starts from 32000 INR.

Final words

In this busy life, remember to treat yourself to some pleasing moments. Have a calming journey with these top best luxury spas in India to get the joy of life. It is imperative to take care of yourself, whether physical or mental health. Choose which Spa you want to visit: Ananda at Himalaya, Kaya Kalp at Agra, or Aheli Spa at Roseate New Delhi. Experience mental relaxation, body treatments, and therapies to refresh yourself. Give yourself a break from everyday life to enjoy all the facilities available on all the luxury spas. Details regarding each place are available in the content above. So make sure to read from start to finish. Rest, We wish you a fantastic journey.