Haunted places in Pune: let’s Unveil Haunted Locations
Oct 16, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Pune is home to a highly renowned horror destination that attracts many visitors. But, exploring Pune's haunted locations can be risky and challenging. However, it is one of the highly exhilarating experiences that captivate the adventurous spirit of many youngsters like us.

Well, we all know that in every city, there are specific locations that are mysterious or past stories regarding them which does not even explain why it's so cringy. These places often have a variety of stories connected to them, describing encounters or sightings of something out of the ordinary. While some people think that it is just a fake story and do not trust it, others are compelled to delve deeper into the story to find the truth and reality of these locations.

If you are also one of them and are interested in exploring the spine-tingling places in Pune or its surrounding areas, then you are at the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of haunted places in Pune. So what are you waiting for? Go and read this article!

Pune Cantonment: Invisible Existence

The top place on the list is the Pune cantonment, where people said that the restless spirits of warriors surround it. Once you step foot into this haunted place in Pune, you might notice a sudden fall in the temperature. While these entities might not cause any serious harm, it can still be troubling to experience the sensation of being pushed and prodded by an unseen presence. One of the most renowned horror destinations in Pune is located here.

Sinhagad Fort: Historical Site

One of the most heartbreaking stories associated with a haunted location in Pune circles around a tragic incident involving a school bus carrying 60 young children. This heart-wrenching incident occurred when the bus turned off the road at a blind turn near a fort. Ever since that fateful day, people have reported an unusual sensation of waiting, as if a bus full of the joyful voices of children is about to emerge from around the bend. However, upon reaching the designated spot, they are met with a creepy emptiness, leaving them confused and frightened.

Choice Boys Hostel At Karve Road: Scary Nights

Another place that people consider Pune's most haunted location is a choice hostel for boys at Karve Road, which is a well-known hostel. People complained about this place, which also shocked us that they usually see a spectral figure, commonly referred to as the "ghost woman," who wears a bright red saree. However, some eyewitnesses have observed her presence mostly in the corridors of the location. Her anklets may jingle, or she may scream so loudly that the sleepers awaken out of their sleep. The situation is indeed quite frightening.

Abandoned House in Residency Club: Gazing Eyes

The fourth destination that people mostly talk about is an abandoned house in the residency club. Their people stated that the unknown brutally murdered an older woman. After she is murdered, people see her ghost, who haunts everyone who enters her property. Many people said the woman was gazing out of the house's windows. Sometimes, people feel that she cries for help or mercy, which may attract her to stop anyone in their tracks.

Sinhgad Engineering College: Unnatural Forces

Sinhgad Engineering College is considered one of the most heavily haunted places in Pune. It is very famous because of the souls of engineering students who killed themselves because of constant failures. People who visit this destination tell the story that they feel heavy forces around them that are pushing or slapping them.

People got really frightened because of these stories and were afraid to spend a day and night in this extremely haunted place. There are also many famous stories like people have seen boys who ask strange and creepy questions, and people think these are the students who commit suicide when they are studying in this engineering college.

Spooky House at MG Road: Loud Cackles

This haunted place is situated near the MG road in Pune and is also a spooky and creepy place to look around. If you are visiting this place, then you can feel someone is constantly staring at you, and that makes you feel heavy. You can feel strange and mysterious forces around you. A creepy kind of smell is also reported by the visitors.

People felt strange type of whispers from a little girl when they were around this house, and she started cackling near their ears. If you dare yourself, then you can get a chance to visit this spooky house, and you can definitely have chilling and horror vibes going through your body and get goosebumps instantly. That's the reason this place is also in Pune's haunted landmarks.

Shaniwarwada Fort: The Most Haunted Site

The entire list of the most haunted places in Pune is not completed yet. This list must have the most terrifying place in Pune. This destination is known as Shaniwarwada Fort. The organisms all night make very strange, and horror howls around this fort. This fort is very famous because of its history. Howling animals, strange voices, and total darkness make this fort chilling and haunted. This fort gives amazingly horror vibes when you are staring at it closely.

Once upon a time, there was a prince named Narayan Rao Peshwa who was brutally killed by his close blood relatives. He was just 13 years of age. So the stories started boiling that people heard the voice of this boy crying loudly and calling out for help. There are also many stories that are relatively famous about this fort. So, all these reasons make this horror one of the most haunted places in Pune.


In this article, we have shared the most haunted places in Pune. If you are stronger to dare yourself not to be afraid, then visit any place once at a time but at your own risk. Otherwise, these places are not for alone visitors. So be careful!