Interesting Facts about Piazza San Marco
Oct 17, 2023 By Sean William

Are you planning to have a memorable visit to Saint Mark's Square? Then read this article as we have mentioned all the exciting facts about Piazza San Marco, Venice: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips.

Piazza Saint Marco is also famous as Saint Mark's Square and has been a tourist favorite destination. Nestled in Venice, the city named Piazza San Marco is surrounded by water. The famous public buildings can also be seen around this Piazza.

This place is perfect for a peaceful historical tour with family or friends. The environment is enjoyable, with simple decorations and colorful representations of the city. You will be amazed that the name of the court was kept after a shrine of St Mark. Are you excited to know more? Just go on reading!

How To Reach Piazza San Marco?

You can select any method to reach Piazza San Marco which suits you well. The ways by which you can get to this destination are by bus, taxi, and self-drive. However, the easiest of all is to take a cab. Taxi is faster than the bus, takes only 33 minutes, and costs almost 6500 INR.

Self-driving is the cheapest way to reach the spot, but it takes little effort. You can cover the distance in 33 minutes by spending between 330 INR and 480 INR. You can also take a bus from the Airport, but it takes almost 1 hour, 750 INR to 1100 INR.

Best Time To Visit This Wonderful Place!

According to the St Mark's Square Venice information, April, May, September, and October are perfect for a memorable visit as the weather is typical in these months. You will enjoy it to the fullest in the spring season, so prefer to plan accordingly. Winters are also acceptable for visiting, but the summers are the worst period due to the high risk of flooding and high water. Piazza San Marco will always welcome you with impressive things to enjoy anytime you go there.

Place You Should Visit On A Trip To Piazza San Marco

1. Basilica di San Marco

This church holds a holy significance in Saint Marco Square, and some international art designs, including Islamic, Western European, and Byzantine styles, influence its interior. There are over 500 Pillars to support the building. You can also witness a mini museum inside the church that claims to preserve an ancient collection of Carpets, tapestries, liturgies, the Bronze Horse of San Marco, and much more.

2. Palazzo Ducale

This glamorous palace presents an eye-catching view to its visitors by being highlighted by the Sala Del Maggior Consiglio, an absolute oil painting painted by the great artist Tintoretto. The exterior is also fascinating, with soft-colored paint on its walls. Formerly, this palace was used as the headquarters for the kings of old Venice. Doge, the king, changed this into a luxury palace during his reign, and it is a tourist spot.

3. Campanile

Placed in the corner of Piazza San Marco, Campanile is mainly a long tower bell of bricks that was started to be constructed in 1173 and was completed in 1514. Its height is so high that the ships from the sea consider this tower a landmark to reach their destinations. It was reconstructed in 1912 using its original stones. You can also see the bronze masterpieces standing tall in the center of twin columns.

4. Torre dell'Orologio

Torre dell'Orologio is a clock tower established between 1496 and 1499. Ranieri was the creator of this tower, along with his son, who designed the clock in such a way that it presents the hours, zodiac signs, and the stages of the moon. You can see the two pieces of bronze fixed at the tower's peak that work to beat the hours. Its construction was mainly used to praise Venice and show its glory.

5. Island of Burano

The island of Burano is located on the northern side of the Venetian lagoon and is highly famous for its calmness. This place presents a vivid picturesque of the houses of the fishermen who work to serve the local food on stalls. This island is another reason what is Piazza San Marco is famous for. The night view of this island is such a heart-melting scene, making it a perfect peaceful spot for your alone time.

Other Necessary Information You Need To Know!

Dating back to the republic days, this Piazza was initially a market and played its role in the social, political, and religious life. The Saint Marks Square is the only Piazza you will witness in Venice, which is 180 meters in length and 70 meters in width.

Piazza San Marco Venice history is of great importance as it was constructed in the 1st century and continued to be renovated till the reign of Napoleon, who named this square ' the drawing room of Europe.'

The distance between the Piazza San Marco and its nearby Airport, namely Venice Treviso Airport, is 27 kilometers by bus and offers a variety of transport for people to reach their destination. Meanwhile, by road or taxi, the distance is almost 31 kilometers.

You dont have to worry about the entry fee of Piazza San Marco as it is accessible and affordable for an ordinary man. Yet, some places within the Piazza include an admission fee. The management has allowed a single pass in all those paid spots.


Italy is a country of significant tourist attractions due to the presence of stunning places like Piazza San Marco. This former market is now a whole piece of art for which visitors from other countries plan to come here along with their guide to enlighten them with the great history of these places. Some of the top picks for you include Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Campanile, Torre dell'Orologio, and Island of Burano. All these places are enough for the relaxation of the mind.